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Molex 1042240820 vs Hanbo SNO-1430 Sim Slot

Molex 1042240820(Left),
Hanbo SNO-1430(Middle),
Hanbo SNO-1430(Right)

As a result, they are almost same, and also pin-to-pin compatible.
But, I suggest better to use MOLEX 1042240820,

because Molex is little bit thinner(1042240820 1.11~1.12mm, SNO-1430 1.13mm),
and also 1042240820 is much easier to eject,
SNO-1430 is not only hard to eject, will damage to the SIM card.

SNO-1430 will make scratch damage to the sim card,
because it has too much tension,
and also it has “barb”to the wrong direction.

Do not use SNO-1430 if you are consider about the frequent detachment of SIM cards.
It WILL cause damage to the sim card, and there is not much price difference either.